What I do

I have come from a professional background at the leadership level, so I fully understand and appreciate the everyday complexities involved in senior roles.

Leadership is a mindset that requires patience, limitless vision, personal accountability and an abundance of heart.

It can be the most rewarding experience and the most taxing, often occurring simultaneously.

I have had the opportunity to experience both
successes and challenges

I have had the opportunity to experience both successes and challenges; all of which have contributed to my development as a leader.  I have been intentional in my participation and contributions as a leader, team member, and observer. These vantage points provided me the opportunity to reflect and investigate the factors which may have contributed to the successes or failures of teams and of leaders.

Through these opportunities I have developed my leadership purpose. This purpose is to support those individuals and teams who are looking to develop their leadership mindset and abilities as they define their success.

I specialize in coaching leaders and senior executives through transition periods, promotions, restructures, mergers or new roles, but also mid-life transitions in the context of work. With teams I leverage my development expertise, taking a holistic approach to customizing each training and development program to meet their unique needs.

I work with my clients through a systematic approach of understanding, appreciative inquiry, impact assessment on action, and ultimately execution of their “leadership plan” for success. My clients both individuals and teams have access to various tools and assessments which support their leadership development.

"Karen provided me with extremely helpful advice in my role as a leader responsible for tackling a long-standing and challenging situation with an employee. She is an attentive listener and was very thoughtful in providing advice that was suitable to my very particular situation. I encourage you to approach Karen to assist in your leadership development."

− Bob Masterson, Vice President Responsible Care - Chemistry Industry Association of Canada

"Karen is an inspirational, invigorating speaker and a caring person who uses her experience and insightful learnings to provide valuable leadership training."

− Lori McCluskey CPIM CSCP - Planning Manager at Nanometrics - Seismic Monitoring Solutions

"I have known and worked directly with Karen during some very challenging assignments where she was able to demonstrate her superior business sense, mixing it with character and a natural leadership style. She makes things better! To me, all the skill and knowledge in the world means nothing if you cannot trust who you have to deal with; when you are dealing with Karen you get the best of both, proven capacity and absolutely trustworthiness. "

− Mike Morin (Colonel Retired) - High Performance Leadership Coach

"Karen believes in collaborative business relationships. She pulls in needed resources and builds relationships which are beneficial to all parties. She does this in a proactive, enthusiastic, long term view to help build her team, both within and outside of the classic corporate parameters. I have been most impressed with how she believes in her team and builds their skill set to achieve their goals. A totally selfless leader who champions her people."

− Lorie Ann - Warren Sales Representative at RE/MAX Core Realty Inc.

An example of a few tools and assessments that may be used
on their own or in combination with others focus on:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Team Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Performance
  • Alignment of Leader and Team Values
  • Communication Preferences
  • Behaviour Preferences
  • Values Assessments
  • Capability Assessments