How do “you” build a team?

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In my experience as a team member and a leader, I am always amazed when I stood back and observed how teams were created and how they evolved. It is such an interesting process when you look at it from the outside.

What I have learned over time is that teams do not “just” happen. A good team that is.

A high performing, autonomous, positive and collaborative team takes work to create and requires on going nurturing (not micro-management) in various capacities by the leader, and by each team member.

So how does it happen? How are good teams created?

Think of it this way.

When a Chef decides to make a gastronomic masterpiece, they tend to have a plan.

  1. Whom are they making this meal for?
  2. What will the parts of the meal look like? Will it be 3 course, 4 course, or simply one dish?
  3. What are they going to make?
  4. What ingredients are needed?
  5. Do I need special equipment?
  6. How is it going to be put together?
  7. How will it be presented?
  8. How much time do I have?

These are just some of the questions that as a leader you need to consider when you are either building your team, or evaluating the team you currently have.

No different than making a culinary masterpiece.

So what is your plan? DO you even have one, or are you just filling holes with available bodies?

What are the strengths, the gaps in your team?

Does your team have the right skills?

Do you have the right individuals who will contribute in the right manner?

How much time do you have to invest in this team’s development?

What is the purpose of this team? Does your team know their purpose?

Are their imposed constraints in the building of this team?

There is lots to consider. Write down these questions. Answer them for yourself. If you have an existing team have them answer them as well, what you discover may astound and inspire.

Remember a  team is truly a reflection of the individual who leads them.

Leadership is a privilege, do it with integrity.

Watch for next steps, in my next blog post.

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