Your leadership style is personal

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Your leadership style is personal. No different than those characteristics that make you, you!

It is the natural style in which you are drawn too.

It is how you capitalize on your personal leadership beliefs, and how you chose to lead that will make a difference.

The choice is yours.

How do you define your personal leadership style?

Have you thought about it before, or have your received feedback from individuals on the manner in which you lead.

I have been asked on occasion, how I would define my own style. The first time I was asked, it had not really occurred to me how I lead. I just tried to do my best, and allowed my values to dictate my leadership behaviour.

Then I had the opportunity to work with a brilliant woman who happened to be a Senior VP in a huge financial institution. This woman was frank forthright, and a driven professional. She was a woman, who you respected immediately. She was a leader who was true to herself, and it showed. She pushed her team to self reflect and to take steps to define how they lead. It was she who first posed the question to me. ” Karen, if you were to define your leadership style and how your team would interpret it what would it be”.

I needed to really really think about this. As I reflected on this question I finally coined the definition of my style to be one that is “A PUSH AND A HUG”. I have owned this definition ever since. It is one I am proud of.

Once you define your own style it helps you recognize your strengths and blind spots. The same strengths and blind spots that can promote or hinder you in your career.

I believe that leadership is a privilege, and is not just for those in a titled position.  Leadership is a mindset that is chosen. It is the voice you use in all interactions. It is the silence you embrace when you listen.  The attention you generously give to those who ask for it, and more importantly those who don’t. It’s the actions you take and how you take them.

So when I think about my own style, and how I define it.

My push is the “how”. How I guide people to execute in new ways on their own terms.  Move them beyond their perceived limitations, particularly when it is uncomfortable.

The hug is supporting people when they need it, whether they to re-evaluate their own journey or simply starting it through honest and objective coaching.  Encourage and collaborate with individuals when they are both successful and when they encounter a barrier.

As with anything developing a leadership mindset takes practice, and perseverance. It is an opportunity to make a difference for yourself, others, and your organization, no matter where you are or who you are. It is the steps you chose to take right now.

How are you going to define your leadership style?

Let’s make a connection and make your leadership journey your own.

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